Just Got Started With Only 60!

I posted a couple of updates about my Only 60 review and just wanted to let you know that I know have access to the system and I am starting to test it out.

Everything looks great so far so I am confident :)

If you want to see my full review be sure to check back in a few days and I will share all the details with you including what you get and whether I believe it works.

I’ve been looking for a good system to help me make money online for a long time now, and so far most things I’ve tested have been bad. A few systems did allow me to make some money but not full time income.

Hopefully Only 60 will be able to give me that extra income I need to do this for a living!

Anyway, check back soon and you’ll get all the details on Only 60.

Thanks for stopping by :)

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Is Only 60 A Scam?

A question I’m sure you might be wondering is whether Only 60 is legit, or whether it’s a scam. I’ve invested my money into Only 60 so that I can review it and so far I’m pretty positive that it’s not a scam.

Of course I will update you with my full review soon and share my official results and verdict but as I say I’m confident this is not a scam. I have received what I purchased which is always a good sign.

I’ve fallen victim to a few scams before but so far things are good with Only 60.

Check back soon for the full review

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Hey, Welcome To My Review Blog

Thanks for checking out my review blog.

My name is JC and I’m testing this new product / system called Only 60.

Who am I?

I’m a regular guy and I work full time in IT but I’m on a mission to make money online. I’ve had a little success with a few systems and I am hoping that Only 60 can be the one to help me really start making good money.

I’ll be posting my results soon!

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